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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Day Two – Mokau to Wanganui

The first thing I said to Liz this morning was ‘first stop today is a camping shop’, I’m looking for a feather-down sleeping bag that I won’t freeze to death in like I did last night!!! At 2.45 I was still awake and shivering in my summer sleeping bag & pajamas, in the end I got up and put on everything I could find and this is what I looked like this morning, socks, thermal long johns and summer pajamas on the bottom and a polypropylene top and cardigan!


Don’t you love the axminster carpet, only the best for the Mokau Hilton.

So after not getting much sleep last night I’m just too tired to do any more on the blog so I’ll catch up tomorrow hopefully. I must say the only redeeming features of the Mokau accommodation was the view and the waves lulling you to sleep, eventually! And they had the nerve to charge us $90 for the privilege!

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