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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day Six – Lyttelton, Charteris Bay, Duvauchelle to Akaroa

From Lyttelton around all the bays, via the dreaded unsealed one way road from Port Levy to Pigeon Bay, also Charteris Bay, Duvauchelle and onto Akaroa.


lyttelton2 lyttelton3

From Corsair Bay overlooking the Lyttelton Harbour.

lyttelton4 lyttelton5 lyttelton6

Charteris Bay  ===>>>>

charteris1 charteris2 charteris3

Port Levy to Pigeon Bay  ===>>>

This is where Louise tried to run us over the cliff, see how far down it is, I couldn’t even open my eyes to open the window to take the photo hence the glass reflection.

portlevytopigeonbay1 portlevytopigeonbay2

This is supposed to be a road where two cars can pass! I can’t believe how lucky we were, we drove 14 kms and didn’t see another soul, we were the only idiots.

portlevytopigeonbay3 portlevytopigeonbay4

But in the end it was worth it for the views, they were just fantastic.

Purau Bay  ===>>>

purau-bay purau-bay2

We came across a lot of these around Christchurch, still fixing the roads after the 2011 earthquake.

Pigeon Bay  ===>>>

pigeon-bay1 pigeon-bay2

A church with no name at Pigeon Bay.


Oystercatchers at Pigeon Bay.

Duvauchelle Bay  ===>>>

duvauchelle1 duvauchelle2 duvauchelle3 duvauchelle4

St John the Evangelist Church & bell.


Akaroa  ===>>>

akaroa1 akaroa2 akaroa3 akaroa4 akaroa5 akaroa6 akaroa7 akaroa8 akaroa9 akaroa10 akaroa11 akaroa12 akaroa13

Tonight we are at Lake Tekapo, tomorrow we are off to see Mt Cook then onto Oamaru.

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