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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day Two – Mokau (cont)

As we left the Mokau Hilton we noticed we’d missed the Mokau Palace last night, the people who live here must be very hardy indeed, they slept outside last night!


We stopped at Mokau Bridge to take a few photos then we were off on our way to Wanganui via New Plymouth stopping to fill up with petrol at Urenui - $111.12 at $2 a litre YIKES it’s expensive down here!


We drove through a few places I’d never heard of before like Onaero, Pukemiro, Motonui before we reached New Plymouth where we were totally lost with all the one way streets. After stopping at the first fishing come camping shop we saw we found out they were having a closing down sale so it was our lucky day! We found fabulously warm sleeping bags with hoods, warm fleecy track suit pants and warm socks, total cost for me $114.78, not too bad although they were something I hadn’t in a million years thought I’d need!

Then we needed to find Macca’s to get free wifi, found it and it wasn’t until after we’d bought coffees & food that we found out their free wifi wasn’t working!! So we drove around in circles for another half an hour before we found the mall where we’d been told free wifi was available, but no that wasn’t the case, I asked in the Vodofone shop where we might find some and they very kindly offered me theirs because I was a Vodofone customer. We went for a quick walk, in the rain, to have a look at the boardwalk along the coast and take a few photos before leaving NP after a total of 3 hrs mainly driving around in circles!

grey-heron seagull








We had a quick stop to have a look at this lovely little church in Tutahi where we found a family of chooks, seemingly without a care in the world.



Further on we stopped at Hawera to have a look through our first antique shop then on through Patea before hitting Wanganui where we found a nice little motel that was 200% more luxurious than the Mokau Hilton and only $10 more expensive, and even better, it was my turn to have the double bed!



After unpacking we went for a quick walk, still in the rain, across the bridge over the Wanganui River before settling in for our Scrabble tournament, Liz was the grand winner this time.


More photos tomorrow when we leave for Wellington.

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