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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Day Three & Day Four

After going around in circles (Liz tells me she wasn’t lost, she knew exactly where she was), in the one way streets of Wellington we pulled into the first motel we saw, Victoria Court in Victoria St. Very nice, quite luxurious, should be for $175 a night, the guy who checked us in must have felt sorry for us as he gave us free wifi when they normally charge through the nose for it (he didn’t say that, I did). Turned out to be a nightmare in the end, we had to keep on logging in every 5 mins or so! Liz’s sister & bil pulled into a carpark with their campervan right next door to us so we all went out for dinner to Cin Cin for wine & pizza. Earlier we had walked around the mall in Cuba St and the city, found it quite busy although most of the shops were shut on Sunday night. Didn’t like Wellington much although didn’t see a great deal of it.

Next morning we did a tiki tour of the Beehive, Parliament Buildings, John Key was away in Japan so he was unable to meet us for morning tea, up the Cable Car, the Railway Station and finally queued up at the wharf to wait for our ferry the ‘Straitsman’. It left an hour late so we didn’t arrive into Picton until 6pm, arrived at Blenheim a short time later and fell into bed and were asleep by 9.30, Thelma & Louise were pooped!

wellington1 wellington2 wellington3 wellington4 wellington5 wellington6 wellington7

We’ve made it to the South Island and today (Tuesday) was one out of the bag, hot, sunny with no precipitation! We made our first detour from our itinerary on the way to Christchurch today, more on that tomorrow.

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