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Monday, 27 April 2015

Day Twenty Three & Twenty Four

We weren’t looking forward to our trip across Cook Strait as the weather forecast for the previous few days had been rather foreboding but when we woke up that morning the sea looked wonderfully serene, which we thought was because we were in the harbour and had quite a way to go before we hit the open seas. And watching all those HUGE heavy laden trucks go on before us didn’t really have a calming effect on me either!!
Breakfast at Picton, french toast was so good but probably not a good idea with what we were expecting on the ferry!
picton11 picton12 picton13 picton14
A pretty little harbour and quite a nice small town, I was pleasantly surprised. After worrying all night about the trip it turned out to be absolutely fine, thank goodness the weather people were wrong again, can you tell I don’t like being on the water! In Wellington we picked up a friend of Louise’s and stayed the night before we drove straight from Wellington to Thames the next day, stopping at Taupo for a quick lunch as well as a few photo shots.
An old church in Levin, built in 1918 which is now used as the Kirk Wood Cafe.
St Patrick’s Community Church in Mangaweka.
Mt Ruapehu without much snow on it.
And lastly the church in the Waitetoko Marae.
And that is the last of Thelma & Louise’s adventures in this series, I know you will all be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the sequel, stay tuned, it will happen one day. Thelma first needs to sharpen her Scrabble skills!

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