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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 10 – Dunedin

Running late for dinner, will add captions later. All taken on the 29th, I think, what day is it today?


The iconic neo-gothic Dunedin Railway Station.

me-dunedin railway-station dunedin2 dunedin3 dunedin4

The Dunedin Police Station, currently empty because the tower (below) needs to be earthquake proofed which is going to cost millions, who is going to pay for it?

dunedin5 dunedin6

The photos say it all, we weren’t allowed to take our cameras into the actual factory but who wanted to take photos anyway when there was all that chocolate to eat!

dunedin7 dunedin8

The Dunedin Sports Stadium, the only covered stadium in NZ.


Dunedin from the other side of the bay.


Dunedin from up the hill on the other side of the bay.


Lanarch Castle and gardens.

dunedin11 dunedin12 dunedin13 dunedin14 dunedin15 dunedin16 dunedin17dunedin18 dunedin19

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